Open World Championship Information 

February 26th– 27th –28th, 2016
Open World Championship Fur Rendezvous Race 
25+ miles each day
Minimum purse as of August 2016
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International competetors need to have a Tax payer ID number Please allow 45 days to recieve your ID number.  
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The Open World Championship Race is held each February in conjunction with the Fur Rendezvous Festival.  
The race is organized and put on by ASDRA volunteers in partnership with Greater Anchorage Inc.  
Over 1000 hours of volunteer time and effort are required for this race starting on 4th Avenue in Downtown Anchorage. The trail follows 4th Avenue to Cordova St. At the bottom of Cordova Hill the trail moves to the bike/ski trails along Anchorage's greenbelt.  Here the teams are challenged by long dark culverts under the Seward Highway and Lake Otis. The trail has two large overpass bridges over Northern Lights Blvd. and Tudor Road separated by a trail through a popular dog park. Six miles into the trail the teams hit the designated sled dog trails of Tozier Track. Fourteen miles later the trail again heads back across the Tudor Rd. bridge to downtown Anchorage.  

The Municipality of Anchorage supports this race with police officers, snow fencing, and snow placement and removal for the street portion of this race.  ASDRA grooms and sets snow fencing for the other 21 miles of  trails. Greater Anchorage Inc. raises the purse and promotes the race.  ASDRA volunteers manage and put on the race.


Images by: John Gomes & Britt Coon

Club House
Phone/Fax (907) 562-2235

Alaskan Sled Dog & Racing Association
P.O Box 110569
Anchorage, AK 99511

Tozier Track
3400 Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK

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